Well-designed and clever disguise
We'll retreat to the bottom of the sea
We were destined to live out our lives
Underwater, you and me

Name:Summer(Bella) School:Johnny Crae D.O.B:Aug/18/94 Hometown:Montreal Place:London What You Should Know About Me: I am a comlicated person,but I'll try to make it all simple.I'm not the prettiest jem,but my personality makes me stand out,everyone has their flaws mine are easy to recongnize,i can be boastful,but i try to control it,sometimes i feel like crying,others im the happiest person on earth. I am A Dreamer


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control yourself,take only what you need from it
3.7.09 6:47 AM
hey (:
i know ive been gone for a while and to be completely 100% honest i forgot about my blog
everything jsut got so busy with school ending and such that i guess i lost track of my blog
so first off its been pretty crazy,i of course went to my exams i was actually like 30 minutes late to my geography exam haha i forgot i had one,i did awesome on my french exam (95 out of 100)
my science exam went well too,i definately bombed the geography exam though so i thought i was going to be taking it in summer school except i cant now because there werent enough people in my course so they couldnt teach it,i wasnt so happy about that oh well. i went to see the hangover its freaking HILARIOUS seriously i havent seen a good funny movie like that since american pie
today im packing for K's cottage we're going with M it should be fun (: i plan on mostly lying out in the sun and reading teen vogue.im kind of happy its raining non-stop even though that means its gonna be a gray weekend but i adore the rain so yay
well i should get packing