Well-designed and clever disguise
We'll retreat to the bottom of the sea
We were destined to live out our lives
Underwater, you and me

Name:Summer(Bella) School:Johnny Crae D.O.B:Aug/18/94 Hometown:Montreal Place:London What You Should Know About Me: I am a comlicated person,but I'll try to make it all simple.I'm not the prettiest jem,but my personality makes me stand out,everyone has their flaws mine are easy to recongnize,i can be boastful,but i try to control it,sometimes i feel like crying,others im the happiest person on earth. I am A Dreamer


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did you pack the good times ? don`t forget a map
31.5.09 11:09 AM
tee hee.
best weeekend ever in a long time.except K`s gone for florida and she wont be back for like 2 and half weeks which is pretty sucky,because we`re all going to miss her,like alot.anyways me and M and K all had a sleepover friday after work and school,it was so amazingly fun,i guess we all needed time to relax and remeber all the good times before life got so stressful and before high school happend,this weekend would have been perfect too bad i have to study,i really do not enjoy science whatsoever.i got into a little spat with L,i dont even know what to do with that situation anymore,but i`m not going to get all stressed about it its usless,i have no idea why i even continue to put so much effort into that,its like pouring raindrops back into a cloud.oh whatever, anyways ive got to get started on my science,other wise i might pull an all nighter and that would suck.so goodbye :)