Well-designed and clever disguise
We'll retreat to the bottom of the sea
We were destined to live out our lives
Underwater, you and me

Name:Summer(Bella) School:Johnny Crae D.O.B:Aug/18/94 Hometown:Montreal Place:London What You Should Know About Me: I am a comlicated person,but I'll try to make it all simple.I'm not the prettiest jem,but my personality makes me stand out,everyone has their flaws mine are easy to recongnize,i can be boastful,but i try to control it,sometimes i feel like crying,others im the happiest person on earth. I am A Dreamer


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baby,why'd you leave me? why'd you have to go?
24.5.09 7:41 PM
i was thinking about my life and stuff and i realized theres so much i want to do
like i want to tour europe and id really like to write a book of poetry
i was thinking that i kind of well more like my mom wants us to move out to toronto or vancouver ike after i graduate like i dont want to freaking move..
i want to go to college and university here with my friends and everything
like i dont even know what to do. like i have longterm goals you know such as be a dj,work as art director and all that stuff but like what do i do now?
i feel like everything in between is passing time i hate that
when everything feels like passing time
i think every minute of life should be meaningfull i really do
i miss alot of things and i dont like when i miss things because its like little parts of my life are unwhole
which is sucky
for one i miss my friendship with K,i miss talking to C,i miss being close with my mom and i miss having school my priority i used to only care about school and doing well and stuff
but now everything changed highschool changes everything
im not the person i used to be i used to be able to leave the house with no makeup on
my hair was crazy and i loved my converses now my hair has to be flat ironed
and like i have to make sure my complexion is perfect my clothes are perfectly picked every morning
and im always changing my clothes during the day
im in my buisness class now and im bored
im doing fuck all
anways peace out
maybe c will come to his locker?